*This car dvd player is a stereo car dvd,and supports gps navigation function

*This car dvd gps for is high quality,we provide 12 months warranty, the cpu is Octa core Rockchip PX5 Cortex A9,it is more powerful and more stable.

*HD Screen Car radio Player for this model. The radio sensitivity setting is high, will receive a sound, the table is not clear, but if the sensitivity is low, it can automatically filter out is not clear, if the received FM radio normal. His love of the radio, you can manually save, this function is very convenient.
*Bluetooth matching can be a two-way match, the phone can be set to connect the phone to answer or car to answer, of course, Bluetooth music is less than the function, you can play the phone's music.

KD-7081 PG 3008/5008
PG Partner
KD-7080 PG 405
KD-8104 PG 301
KD-7506 PG 508
KD-7604 PG 408